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Vedic Astrology Reading

Vedic Astrology Reading

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Full Astrology Birth Chart Reading, Vedic Astrology Reading for Insight, Clarity, Love & Direction. A full birth chart analysis making a great personalized astrology gift!

This natal birth chart reading is jam-packed with useful knowledge and uplifting tools you may need to take the next steps into financial success, wealth and fortune, love and romance and so much more. I conduct the reading based off of your North Indian Chart (a snapshot of the sky at the time of your birth), which I also send you a copy along with your reading!

This is a Vedic Jyotish Astrology Reading that uses over 5000+ years of statical data to provide you with the insight and clarity you need to navigate through any period of your life. Whether you need clarity, direction, insight or just want to see how the celestial bodies influence our day to day life. Vedic Astrology takes a snapshot of the sky at the precise time you are born and paints an insanely accurate picture of your life.

I am able to tell you all about your life, from your past, present and future. From your childhood to possible children, relationships, career, life path, karmic debts from past lives, auspicious dates (for wedding, retirement, travel, launching projects, etc.) and so much more!

The system I use for this reading is Vedic Astrology, also known as Jyotish or Sidereal Astrology.

Vedic Astrology takes the placement of celestial bodies (moon, sun, planets, nodes) and their accurate constellations (zodiac signs: Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Leo, etc.). These alignments form a unique map of the sky at the time of your birth, painting a one-of-a-kind life experience with a one of kind personality, life choices and life adventure ~ YOU! I use a professional Jyotish software which calculates an extremely precise birth chart for you and read the chart based off of over 5000 years of statistically data.

What I need from you in order to conduct an accurate reading:
1. Birth Date
2. Birth Time (or estimate)
3. Birth Location
4. Started school (m/y)
5. Birth of children (m/y)
6. Marriages (m/y)
7. Relocations (m/y)
8. Any questions or specific areas of your life you would like to know about.
**Please double check details or your order will be delayed. Thank you!**

Why do I need this information?

A Vedic Astrology reading needs to have the accurate time of your first breath in order to be a precisely accurate reading and benefit you throughout your life. With the excitement of birth most parents, nurses, and doctors do not record the precise time of your first breath and often can make errors when recording the birth time in the midst of the excitement of you being born! That’s ok - with a few simple questions, based on major life events in your life, I am able to rectify the exact minute you took your first breath and give you a super precise reading about every aspect of your life!

My Vedic Astrology readings are 100% guaranteed and very accurate and will provide you with insight for the rest of your life.

I offer 3 tiers:

Mini Reading: focuses on a question or one area of your life. examples of this include you pursuing a new love interest, a career change, loss in direction, family or friend problems, certain timings of something, insight into why something is happening the way it is, etc. This tier does not have a complete walkthrough your entire chart. Just a narrow focus on one aspect of your life.

In-Depth Reading: I go through your entire chart. I’ll touch base on all areas of your life along with an in-depth focus on the areas you want me to look into.

Super Comprehensive Reading: is a personalized astrology hardcover book report that goes in depth within ALL the details of your entire chart. With this reading I cover important divisional charts, major transits, and major planetary time periods. This reading covers EVERYTHING in detail so that you have manual for the rest of your life to go back and look at for reference on all aspects within your life. We are the only Vedic Astrologers in the world that we know of that currently offer this type of reading for people.

Once I receive your order, your reading will be ready within 48 hours, most of the time less.
** if you select the “Super Comprehensive” option, it will arrive within 7 business days. This option is the most in-depth astrology reading you will ever receive.

PLEASE NOTE: I do not use the western astrology system. Western (tropical) astrology uses an inaccurate depiction of the sky that was sealed to the calendar 1500 years ago. This system is inaccurate, and completely off from what is actually over head. Because of this inaccuracy, many people, unfamiliar with the Vedic system, are lead to believe that their planetary placements in the constellations are many degrees and even entire signs off (example: Western Astrology has sealed the Sun in Cancer to the calendar during the time in which the Sun is actually in Gemini).

Why choose Magus Fawn as your Vedic astrologer?

1. Premium astrology software combined with years of experience ensures you have an accurate report.

2. Fast turnaround time - you will receive your report within 48 hours. *for all mini & in-depth readings

3. Enjoyable, accessible read - astrological lingos and concepts are broken down clearly so you can gain the most from your reading.

4. I provide you with insight that will help you navigate any time period, situation and events in your life. Provide you with precautions and what to look out for and when. I am honest and in most occasions my readings change people’s lives.

How to purchase this reading?

Step 1: Select which tier reading you would like to receive:
 - Mini / In-Depth / Super Comprehensive 

Step 2: After completing the checkout process, send me an email at the answers to the following questions:
1. Birth Date
2. Birth Time (or estimate)
3. Birth Location
4. Date Started school (m/y)
5. Birthdate of children (m/y)
6. Date of Marriage(s) (m/y)
7. Date of Relocations (m/y)
8. Any questions or specific areas of your life you would like to know about.
**Please double check details or your order will be delayed. Thank you!**

Step 3: within 48 hours of receiving your email with the above information, you will receive your PDF reading along with your North Indian Birth Chart.

NO BIRTH DETAILS? that’s ok! Give them a gift certificate by simply follow the above steps to check out and write “gift option” in the email. I will send you a gift certificate PDF for you to print or send to your love one!

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