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MindPlace Mind Machine Kasina DeepVision Bundle

MindPlace Mind Machine Kasina DeepVision Bundle

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Kasina system bundled w/ new eyes-open option with ganzfeld display

Expand your Kasina experience with our Kasina DeepVision™ Ganframes. Designed so that you can keep your eyes open or closed during a session, the ganzframes come with a soft cloth carry case for ease of storage.
There are silicone lips at top and bottom of the frames designed to block out ambient light.

Stunning audio-visual experience - using Red, Blue & Green LED lights for a wow factor!

Meditation aid - accessing deeply tranquil states quickly & with ease

Mood shifter - change your mind by breaking undesirable states - like anger & anxiety

Focus and attention trainer - Facilitate accelerated learning

Easy of use - plug and play right out of the box!

No batteries needed - Comes equip with USB charger

Easy Navigation with a user-friendly interface

Easily create your own sessions - great for therapists

Promotes Deep Relaxation thru Meditation

Earbuds included

Mindplace’s top-of-the-line model, named from an ancient style of meditation: utilizing visual objects for focus and deep meditation. Living up to it's name, the Kasina can produce a psychedelic-like rich experience that heals, reduces stress, and increases concentration & prosperity!

This bundle includes the MindPlace Kasina Mind Media system, plus an extra pair of Ganzframes. This extra pair has an eyes open option and is proving to be very popular!

Purchase From A Company That Delivers!

MindPlace is the world’s most experienced and trusted manufacturer of Light and Sound Machines. Having produced trend-setting enlightenment technologies since 1988.

 2 year Warranty on Console, 1 year on accessories.

Legal Disclaimer:
No MindPlace products are intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Not a medical device. Do not use if you have seizure disorders.

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