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Marble Spirit Catcher // Foldable Circular Round Carpet

Marble Spirit Catcher // Foldable Circular Round Carpet

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Our round throw rugs are a perfect accent to any room, dorm, office, garage or campsite at your next festival. Bring a pop of color to raise the vibes of any space!

• Non-slip backing

• Circular Mat

• High definition vibrant colors

• Printed, cut, and hand-sewn just for you <3

• Dye sublimation, colors won't fade and image won't crack, ever.

• Vegan friendly!

Due to transportation needs, we will fold and curl the carpets, there will be some creases on the product when recieved. These creases will flatten and disappear in a few days when layed flat.

Size Chart

Size Chart Round Circular Carpet


100% Premium Polyester

Care Instructions

simply shake or vacuum to clean, spot clean. Keep mat as dry as possible to avoid darkening of the fibers. Do not iron, do not dry clean. 



All of the products in our shop are created and designed by us, Lylyth & Magus Fawn.

This piece is titled "Marble Spirit Catcher" Original Artwork by Lylyth Fawn



Marble Spirit Catcher Collection

thanks for shopping & supporting our art! xoxo

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