About Us

We create visionary, psychedelic, trippy, festival art. Our art is spiritual, esoteric, and occult themed with bits of fantasy and sci-fi. We create all of my art digitally using an iPad Pro, Wacom style tablet by Huion, and VR Painting in the Virtual Reality app called OpenBrush. Our artwork is inspired by ancient and modern magick, hermetic, astrology, and entheogens. We use meditation brainwave entrainment devices that create Light & Sound Alchemy, to achieve higher states of consciousness & sacred geometry visions.

Our names are Magus and Lylyth Fawn. We are artists, astrologers, authors, musicians and magicians. We have a passion for creating visionary art, music and books. We are also teachers and students of advance spirituality and ancient magick. We share our findings in the books we write, online videos and classes, and in one-on-one astrology and tarot readings. 

 We have dedicated a life to self-discovery and draw inspiration from Source and root these metaphysical and occult secrets into our work. We are committed to helping others find their own path to personal growth, and unlocking their fullest potential. 

Magus and Lylyth Fawn are inspiring others to construct a purposeful and passionate life. Help guiding you through the metaphysical crossroads, through various outlets and media. They are artists, astrologers, authors, musicians, and wizards offering a selection of tools and merch to raise your vibes offering deep healing, clarity and insight towards your unique life path.

They offer Vedic Astrology Readings to get clarity on your path through this ancient 5000+ year old science that maps out the events of your entire life! Shows your karma and purpose in life, aligning you with a fulfilling future! Wether it’s love, career, or questions about relocation—they’ve got you covered and can answer any question in detail!

Light Alchemy Brainwave Treatments, specially designed LED strobe light that triggers your brainwaves to instantly put you into a deep mediative state. At these states of consciousness your body releases all the feel good chemicals including the spirit molecule to make you trip off the chemicals your own body is creating during deep states of meditation!

Visionary Art, Streetwear and Festival Fashion, clothes and accessories packed with Magick and Spirituality to raise the vibes of the wearer and match their wardrobe to their astrology chart! Certain colors and planetary textures can have a massive impact on your ability to manifest your desires and attract the right people and desired outcomes into your life!

We do live performance Digital Painting or Virtual Reality Painting with Live Original Music that we compose on the spot (example on our Youtube Channel). We also do VR/Digital Painting for visuals during musical performances at events. We teach workshops on Vedic Astrology, magical/spiritual topics, Digital Painting, Virtual Reality Painting, Turning Art into a Business, and Visionary Painting.

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