About Us

Magus and Lylyth Fawn are world renowned artists and musicians known for their visionary, psychedelic, and trippy creations in art and music. They specialize in creating mind-bending festival art and music, drawing inspiration from the metaphysical and extraordinary realities of the mystical world. Their music is a unique blend of Melodic Techno, Psychedelic Techno, Deep House, PsyTrance, and other psychedelic electronic sounds, making it an experience that one cannot forget.

Aside from music, they also create Visionary Art, Streetwear, Festival Fashion, clothes, and accessories that embody their artistic style. They offer live performance digital painting and virtual reality painting, providing audiences with a visually stimulating experience. Their live music performances are a must-see, as they are renowned for their captivating and immersive shows.

Magus and Lylyth Fawn have devoted their lives to self-discovery, constantly exploring and experimenting with their art and music to create one-of-a-kind experiences. Their innovative and original approach to their craft has earned them a reputation as trailblazers in the art and music industry. If you're looking for a unique and unforgettable artistic experience, Magus and Lylyth Fawn are the artists to watch out for.

"We love creating and wearing head-turning bold, colorful metaphysical clothes - and hope you do too! Be bold, be different, be YOU! Stand out from the crowd, wear the things you want to wear, be beautiful & stay amazing! xoxo"

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