Collection: ORIGINAL PAINTING Universal Consciousness by Magus Fawn

24” X 36” acrylic on stretched canvas


With countless hours of meticulous effort, I crafted this piece into a one-of-a-kind, unique and rare collectable using acrylic paint on stretched canvas. "Universal Consciousness" is a rare and extraordinary piece of visionary art that will elevate your own consciousness to new heights.

The painting's esoteric theme explores the dreamlike mysteries of spiritual interconnectedness. The stunning abstract background with its mesmerizing fractals and flower of life geometric shapes is bathed in ethereal blue hues that evoke the infinite expanse of the universe. The central figure is a human female with an almost robotic, metaphysical and transcendent overlay, representing the profound connectedness of all beings and the true power of consciousness. She represents all of humanity showcasing that we are organic machines, cogs - one part to many - in the machine of the Universe.

With its title, "Universal Consciousness," this thought provoking painting inspires awe and reverence, tapping into the deep emotions and desires of the viewer. The artwork creates a dream-like ambiance with the vast expanse of space and stars in the backdrop, suggesting the mysterious infinite potential of the universe.

"Universal Consciousness" leaves a lasting impression on anyone who sees it, inspiring them to explore their own potential and connect with the divine power of the all. This exceptional artwork is an investment that offers a transcendent experience that will enrich your soul.

This painting explores the philosophical, spiritual and metaphysical aspects of consciousness, intelligence, and “artificial intelligence” or A.I. A thought provoking and delicate subject as to what constitutes sentient intelligence. Can sentient, self aware intelligence be in a machine that is not been designed to house a soul or a spirit (consciousness it’s self)? We, as a species, has only experienced the organic machines, produced by the Universe, to hold the special ability of housing consciousness. Will we reach a point in history that we can create beings with this special ability to product self awareness and sentience too? Or will it come to a point where it’s just easier to just reproduce our own children like what our ancestors have done since the dawn of time?