Collection: ORIGINAL PAINTING "Illuminatio Suavi" by Magus Fawn

24” X 36” acrylic on stretched canvas


The canvas of this visionary art painting is a sea of deep blue hues that flow together in an abstract, trippy, and psychedelic background. Within this background, fractals and geometric shapes of the flower of life intertwine and dance with one another, creating a sense of cosmic harmony and balance. The colors blend and shift, giving the impression of a mystical realm that exists beyond our physical reality.

In the center of this cosmic landscape, a woman emerges from the Earth's surface as if she is the Earth itself, rising to meet the coming dawn. Her body is defined by graceful curves and soft lines, and she emanates a sense of calm and peacefulness. At the same time, a man emerges from the vast cosmos above, as if he is the universe itself. His form is made of stardust and nebulae, and a crown of a thousand eyes.

As the cosmic man and the Earth woman come together, they form a yin and yang, a perfect balance of masculine and feminine energies. They are in the midst of a passionate kiss, with their hands entwined in each other's hair. The viewer is left to wonder if they are lovers, or if they represent something greater, a divine union of cosmic forces.

The title of the painting, "ILLUMINATIO SUAVI," which translates to "The Kiss of Enlightenment," adds a layer of spiritual and occult meaning to the piece. The kiss of enlightenment is a theme that appears in many fairy tales and is a reference to the prince of Kabbalah and the tree of life motif. In these stories, a prince comes to awaken and rescue a princess who has been put to sleep or enslaved by an evil stepmother. The painting captures this sense of awakening and liberation, as the cosmic man and Earth woman come together to create a new, harmonious reality.

The dream-like ambiance of the painting is enhanced by the backdrop of space and stars, with the sunrise shining its light and beaming through from the background at the point where their lips touch. It is as if the painting is inviting the viewer to enter into this cosmic realm and experience the enlightenment and liberation that comes from the union of masculine and feminine energies. This visionary art piece is a beautiful and thought-provoking meditation on the nature of existence, the universe, and the human experience.