Collection: ORIGINAL PAINTING "Eve" by Magus Fawn

24” X 36” acrylic on stretched canvas


As you gaze upon the acrylic on canvas painting, you are immediately transported to a mesmerizing world of wonder and mysticism. The color blue dominates the canvas, drawing your attention to the abstract, trippy, and psychedelic background. You see fractals, flower of life geometric shapes, and various other patterns interwoven with each other, creating a unique and mesmerizing space scape.

As you explore the painting, you instantly notice the emergence of a woman's face from the Earth's surface with her captivating eyes as if they pierce through your very soul. The face seems to be ethereal and almost otherworldly, giving you the sense that this is no ordinary woman. She is surrounded by animals and trees, which form a lush garden-like environment around her. The woman is Eve, the mother of humanity, emerging from the earth as if she were a part of it.

The painting celebrates the divine feminine and motherhood in all its glory. Eve, as Mother Earth, represents the giver of life to all living things, making her the embodiment of our Mother Nature. She is a symbol of the ultimate nurturer, providing us with everything we need to survive and thrive. The animals and trees that surround her are a testament to her power, highlighting the bursting of life and all living things.

The painting also pays homage to Lilith as the Moon, the first woman created in the story of human creation found across the globe. Lilith represents the Moon, while Eve represents the Earth. In this painting, Eve takes center stage, showing that all women have a divine role to play in the creation and nurturing of life.

The painting also incorporates elements of Gnostic philosophy, specifically the concept of the divine Sophia. Sophia represents the quest for knowledge and the pursuit of truth. In this painting, Eve represents Sophia, questioning everything and seeking to know, and her strong gripping eyes say it all. The painting encourages us to embrace knowledge and to know ourselves, challenging us to explore the deeper truths of our existence. 

In conclusion, the acrylic on canvas visionary art painting is a mesmerizing celebration of the divine feminine, motherhood, and woman. Through the use of vivid blue colors and psychedelic patterns, the painting transports the viewer to a world of wonder and mysticism. The emergence of Eve's face from the Earth's surface highlights the interconnectedness between all living things and emphasizes the importance of nurturing life. The painting encourages us to embrace knowledge and to question everything, challenging us to explore the deeper truths of our existence.